Town Government Study Committee

Pursuant to Chapter 11: Committees, Article V. Town Government Study Committee of the Code of the Town of Nantucket:

§ 11-18: Establishment; Membership.

In the year beginning 2010 and every five years thereafter, a Town Government Study Committee shall be constituted and undertake the responsibilities set forth in § 11-19, which Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectman each for a term of one year.

§ 11-19: Responsibilities.

The responsibilities of each Town Government Study Committee described in § 11-18 of this Charter is to review the structure of Town Government, including the Town Charter and any applicable special acts and bylaws relating to governmental structure, and make recommendations to the Town Meeting concerning amendments to the Charter, or such special acts and bylaws, or other recommendations it deems advisable.


  • Rick Atherton
  • John B. Brescher
  • Penny Dey
  • Kristie Flaherty Ferrantella
  • Tucker Holland
  • Melissa Murphy
  • Linda Williams