Licensing / Permitting / Special Events & Film


The Licensing Office has moved from the Town Building to the Public Safety Facility at 4 Fairgrounds Rd. The Licensing Agent can be reached at 508-325-4137 or

The Licensing Office handles the following licensing matters:  liquor; entertainment; Common Victualler; automatic amusement devices; motor vehicle rental; Class I, II, III motor vehicle sales; mobile food units; flower/produce vendor; keeping of animals; open air parking licenses; or taxi, tour, limo, charter waiting lists and applications.
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EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2015:  A new Event Fee structure and an online Special Event Permit Application have been implemented. 
EFFECTIVE AUGUST  2015:  The Special Events & Film Permitting Office has moved from the Town Building to the Public Safety Facility at 4 Fairgrounds Rd and has been incorporated into the Business Licensing Office. The Special Events Coordinator/Business License Inspector can be reached at 508-325-4137 or

Special Event Permit:  In order to for an event to be permitted on public property, please fill out the  
Special Events Permit Application and submit it online with the non-refundable application fee for initial review by the Town's Events Coordinator.  Upon review, the Events Coordinator will contact the event organizer listed on the application with further instructions that may include additional permits and fees, changes to the event scope (size/time/location), a required meeting with the Town's Event Workgroup, or possibly a public hearing before the Board of Selectmen in accordance with Town bylaw.  For additional information regarding special events on public property, please review the Town's Special Event Policy.
New Event Permitting Fee Structure adopted 12/17/14. 

Film and Photography Permit:  Filming and photography on public property is allowed with a Film and Photography Permit.  For crews (talent and staff combined) of 10 (ten) or more using public property, a fee of $1,000/day is required.  For "B Roll" and crews under 10 (ten) there is no fee however a permit is still required.  Additional permits and fees such as police details, street blocking and food permits may be required.  Because film and photo productions are unique and varied and the Town prohibits certain locations during the busiest times of the year, please contact the Events Coordinator/Business License Inspector for complete details.

Please note that a new online Film Application and new fees are expected in early 2016.
Other Applications
For the following applications, contact the department that is responsible for issuance:
  • Entertainment License
  • Keeping of Animals
  • Liquor License (Annual or Seasonal)
  • Temporary Entertainment