Health Department

Our mission for the Nantucket community is to improve the quality of life by promoting, protecting, and enhancing the health and well-being of the public. Our focus is, therefore, to develop and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles within our communities and to ensure that our citizenry is protected through environmentally safe surroundings.
What We Do
  • Complaint investigation
  • Domestic water testing
  • Inspections

  • Licensing
  • Regulation enforcement
  • Water quality testing

Helpful Resources


       Tenants Rights

Courses & Information
  • Food Service Sanitation Courses: ServSafe Class, Don Witkoski, Instructor: Please phone the Health Department for the next available class, 508-228-7200 ext. 7009.
  • After The Storm: What can you do to help prevent water pollution? This Environment Protection Agency (EPA) website provides information about stormwater runoff and what you can do to help prevent pollution - after the storm.
  • Talk Flu to Me: For information about upcoming flu season, please take the time to visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.