1. Energy Office

    Identifying and implementing energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy programs that are economically viable, environmentally responsible, and socially respectful for Nantucket since 2011.

  2. GIS Maps

    Browse through the different geographic information system (GIS) maps from the different departments.

  3. Online GIS Mapping

    Peruse the online geographic information system (GIS) mapping feature.

  4. Planning & Economic Development Commission

    Gather information about the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission, the members, meetings, and current projects.

  5. Planning Board

    Find information about the Planning Board, their mission, members, and function to the community.

  6. Public Review Documents

    Review information and documents that are available for the public.

  7. Publications Available

    Read different publications that are available through the Planning and Economic Development Commission.

  8. Transportation Planning

    Access details about the plans to make transportation easier on Nantucket.

  9. Wilkes Square Redevelopment

  10. Code of the Town of Nantucket

  11. 40B Developments