See. Click. Fix.

Starting the Application
In April 2013, the Town of Nantucket implemented SeeClickFix, a digital civic engagement application that concerned residents can use to immediately report visible issues of concern such as illegal dumping, potholes, and street lamps that are out.

Citizens can have the confidence that each report will be sent directly to the attention of the appropriate town department for responsible handling. Through the app's GPS map functionality, municipal departments and citizens can pinpoint the exact location of the reported problem and view the progress of its resolution.  

Application Today
Today, the SeeClickFix Program is being used by the Department of Public Works to fix issues such as potholes, missing signs, sidewalk damage, and other problems that fall under their scope of work.  For issues that fall under the responsibility of other departments, the department notifies the department and then "closes" the issue.

In cases outside of scope the department will post that the appropriate department has been notified and provide their contact information. 

How It Works
  • Download the free app on your iPhone or Android
    • If you don't have a smart phone you can use the SeeClickFix website to upload your photos from a personal camera.
  • Choose a category that matches your issue and fill out the
  • Report Your Issue
Visit the application website or watch the informational video for more information about SeeClickFix and how it works.
Screenshot of the application