Downtown Sewer Project

All work on the Downtown Sewer Project has been suspended for the busy summer months. Work on the Project will resume in October 2014.
5/16 Update

- The downtown Phase IIB sewer project pipe work will be completed by May 22.
- The contractors will off island May 30.
- The pavement that was put down to meet the schedule of Daffodil Weekend is only the first coat. IT IS NOT FINAL PAVEMENT.
- Final Pavement will be laid in October. At that time the brick sidewalks on Broad Street at the Whaling Museum and on South Water St will be reinstalled.
4/7 Update

Lower Broad, Upper Broad, South Water:
- Pulverization and Road prep - week of 4/7
- Binder course paving – week of 4/14 Work could begin as early as 04/09/2014
- Painted temp crosswalks, sidewalk replacement, roadway sweeping, cleanup – week of 4/21

- Sewer main Installation – week of 3/31 Complete
- Trenches to be filled with gravel, cleanup – week of 4/14
- Sewer services starting 04.07.14

Main Street
- Cobbles are complete
- Sweeping, cleanup – week of 4/21

Ash Street / North Water
- Cobble resetting work – week of 3/31 Complete
- Complete, sweep, cleanup – week 0f 4/7

Other streets, outside of Downtown
- Academy Lane / Church / Westminster – Existing binder down, no further work before 4/25
- Ash Lane – Existing binder trench, no further work before 4/25
- India / Centre - Existing binder trench, no further work before 4/25

Upper Fair St. – Existing gravel trench, no further work before 4/25
Lower Fair St. - Existing binder trench, no further work before 4/25 
March 14 
- Project outreach performed to communicate to business and residents regarding
upcoming Broad Street construction.
- Dewatering effort began on Broad Street, and traffic was diverted through truck lane
during construction between Easy Street and South Water Street.
- Water construction was completed on lower Broad Street up to South Beach Street. 
April 14 
- Sewer construction will begin on Broad Street at intersection with South Beach Street,
and move toward North Water Street.
- Construction will include replacement of sewer, storm, and water infrastructure.
Roadway shutdowns will be required. Residents and businesses advised to seek
alternate routes.

Misc Info
◦Schedule Projected completion date – October 2014
◦Financial Engineering Budget - $1,070,720 Spent - $726,260
◦Construction Bid - $3,504,911 (including change orders executed), Spent - $3,372,327
◦Town Action (s) Required: ◦Work with Woodard & Curran to coordinate with local businesses and residents during construction