Nantucket Cottage Hospital Building Proposal

Nantucket Cottage Hospital, an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare, has announced its intention to build a new hospital on Nantucket.  One of the sites that Nantucket Cottage Hospital has identified as a possible location for the new facility is Wyer's Valley where Wannacomet Water Company is currently located.  While Wyer's Valley is Town property, this is not a Town of Nantucket initiative and any change of use of the Wyer's Valley location requires Town Meeting approval.  However, the Town wants to make sure the public is as informed as possible about this initiative.
The materials provided on this page are for informational purposes only.  For additional information regarding this project, please contact Nantucket Cottage Hospital directly at 508-825-8100 or  The official website for the new building is

Proposed Hospital Facility at Wyer's Valley

New NCH Artist Rendition

Current Hospital Facility at 57 Prospect Street