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HeatSmart Pilot Program

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  3. This survey should take less than 1 minute, but your response will help to strengthen the Town's candidacy for being selected for the MassCEC HeatSmart pilot program (only 4 towns will be chosen!)

  4. 1. Residential Status:

  5. 2. What is your primary source of heating fuel?

  6. 3. Please indicate your interest in any of the following efficient heating/cooling technologies:

    Check all that apply:

  7. 4. If chosen for the HeatSmart Program, these technologies may be offered at a significant discount (up to 20%) to local Nantucket residents and small businesses. If promotional pricing was available, how likely are you to install a clean heating/cooling technology?

  8. 5. If you denoted interest in installing a clean heating/cooling technology, please indicate your primary motivation:

  9. Your input will help us to determine the local community’s level of interest in investing in clean energy heating & cooling systems, as required by the HeatSmart program application.

  10. Lauren Sinatra, Energy Coordinator; Town of Nantucket at: 508-325-5379

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