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This page was created with the assistance of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who worked with the  Energy Office on a 2017 research project examining local solar-PV adoption on Nantucket. The team spent seven weeks on Nantucket learning about the unique challenges of installing solar photovoltaics on island as part of a Interactive Qualifying Project (report can be found here).  The interactive map is intended to be used as a research tool for the interested public seeking information on local solar installations.

Interactive Solar Map

This map shows the solar PV installations on Nantucket. Interact with the map to learn more about each installation. 

This map consolidates information about residential solar PV, commercial solar PV and solar hot water, and is maintained by the Energy Office.

The map serves as an informational tool, and in no way represents an endorsement for any specific installer.

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What is Solar PV?

Photovoltaics (PV) use solar panels made of semiconductors to generate electricity from sunlight. This energy is converted into electricity where it can be used to power electric devices or power the electric grid. The cost of photovoltaics has drastically decreased over the past decade as the technologies have been refined to maximize efficiency and lower manufacturing costs while local, state, and federal governments have all passed rebates to promote the installation of photovoltaics. Photovoltaic systems can be mounted to your roof, or installed on the ground as a fixed array, or installed on the ground to track the sun.

For more information visit:  

Solar Energy Industries Association 

Energy Sage 

Additional Information

Number of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installed per Year on Nantucket

Illustrated to the left is a graph showing the number of solar PV systems installed from 2007 to 2023. This graphic does not include solar hot water systems.

Local Permitting Process for Solar Photovoltaic

Solar PV Permitting Process

Described to the left is the local permitting process that every person has to follow when installing a solar PV system. These can be done by an installer or by the homeowner. The time for each step is an estimate and may change depending on the situation.