DPW Facility Improvement Project

DPW Facility Improvement Project

Schematic Design Report Breakdown of Conceptual Costs

Replace Fuel System                                                     $ 775,977.00 (2) 10,000-gallon tanks (gasoline and diesel)

Replace Salt Shed                                                         $ 120,000.00 Replace the 1970’s vintage 2,400-sf salt shed

Utilities/Site Improvements                                            $ 840,840.00 

Replace utility services electrical/communications/water/sewer/stormwater treatment systems, pave parking lot, access aprons, loading ramp, material storage areas.

DPW Garage Building                                                    $ 6,855,678.00 

26,265-sf building with 4,500-sf mezzanines, and 5,610-sf of open canopy storage(includes employee facilities (bathrooms/showers), shops, vehicle/equipment storage, shop benches, racks, and equipment)

Hard Costs Sub-Total = $ 8,592,495.00

Soft Costs = $ 9,911,769.00

Total Project Cost = $18,504,264.00