Winter on Nantucket

Snow Removal 

Public Works Snow and Ice Operations start two days prior to a storm. Forecast and field observations help determine the type of operation, based on three important factors: pavement temperature, type of storm event (wet snow or dry snow, heavy or mild precipitation, winds, etc.), and expected temperatures.

Snowplowing commences when the Operations Manager considers there is enough snow to present a hazard to traffic.

Snow Removal Policy

  • Public Works’ first priority is clearing main streets, downtown streets and sidewalks, steep hills, intersections, deep or sharp curves, and all bike paths leading to schools. 
  • Public Works will plow secondary streets and remaining bike paths.
  • Public Works' last priority are low volume Town owned residential through streets, dead ends and cul-de-sacs
  • Shoveling sidewalks is a property or business owner’s responsibility.
  • Shoveling or plowing snow into the street by home or businesses owners is prohibited and may result in a fine.


Important Phone Numbers

  1. Fire, Police and Ambulance                            

    Police Department                 
    (508) 228-1212

    Towing of Motor Vehicles
    (508) 228-1212

    National Grid                                 
    (800) 465-1212

    National Weather Service
    (508) 822-0634

    Nantucket Memorial Airport 
    (508) 325-5300

    (508) 228-3949

    Steamship Authority                  
    (508) 228-0262

    Nantucket Cottage Hospital      
    (508) 825-8100

Snow Parking Ban

Snow Emergency Parking Ban streets have a red sign that states that parking is prohibited in a snow emergency. Motorist are responsible to move their vehicles from a Snow Emergency Parking Ban Street. Failure to move a vehicle will result in Police Department towing it and the owner being responsible for towing and storage fees.

Snow parking ban map Nantucket