Nantucket Government TV

Beginning August 6th, 2018, the Town of Nantucket began streaming and uploading their meetings to YouTube. You can visit the Town of Nantucket's YouTube page here. On the site you can also find a complete archive of all of the town's past recorded meetings.

Being on YouTube puts the town on the largest and most stable video streaming and hosting provider in the world at no cost for the service. It also makes our videos more accessible on a multitude of internet ready devices (especially if they're able to use a YouTube app). No YouTube account is required to view the videos, but should members of the public wish to take advantage, they can sign up for alerts and notifications as to when videos are streaming and when published online.

YouTube allows town meetings such as the Select Board, Airport Commission, Finance Committee, and others, to be streamed live on the Town of Nantucket’s website as well as archived for future reference.  Both live and past meeting video can be viewed on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Nantucket Community Television - Channel 18

NCTV is a Public, Education, and Government (PEG) station which programming generally deals with public affairs, board meetings (i.e. city council, county commission, and school board), explanation of government services, and another public-service related programming such as public service announcements and longer public information films.

NCTV films in the political arena: Town Meetings including Select Board meetings are filmed live and re aired. Airport Commission, and School Committee meetings are covered on a regular basis along with the newly addition of Historic District Committee, Board of Health, Conservation Commission and more.

The Town of Nantucket is in the process of renewing its Cable Television License with Comcast. For more information on this, visit the Cable Access Advisory Committee page.

Archived Videos

To search and view previously streamed meetings click on the calendar below to select the month of the meeting, then click on the meeting you would like to view.

Town YouTube