Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee


This committee will work with the Coastal Resilience Coordinator in the development, oversight, and implementation of a Coastal Resilience Plan for the Town of Nantucket to address the impact of climate change and sea level rise. The Plan shall address planning across the system-wide needs of the community and include social, cultural and economic needs, infrastructure needs, and needs of the natural environment. The preservation of historical landmarks shall be a component of the Plan.


The Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee was established by Nantucket’s Select Board on April 24, 2019. This committee works with the Coastal Resilience Coordinator to oversee and finalize the Coastal Resilience Plan by:

  • Providing input as to Plan modifications/updates/finalization
  • Recommending priority of Coastal Resilience projects, including review of costs and funding sources/grant opportunities, professional services requirements, next steps, action steps, additional resource needs – including the development of a team of scientific advisors, partnership opportunities
  • Assisting with identifying overlap; opportunities for coordination with other Town plans, including Hazard Mitigation Plan, Harbor Plan, Parks Master Plan, Open Space & Recreation Plan, Coastal Management Plan, Stormwater Management Plan, Master Plan
  • Assisting with obtaining community feedback, including ways to engage seasonal residents – and ensure that all areas of the Island are represented
  • Reviewing pertinent existing regulations to include coastal resilience accommodations; identify any “disconnects” between regulations and practice and/or conflicts and recommend ways to achieve alignment; reviewing proposed pertinent regulations for coastal resilience purposes
  • Regularly reviewing information on sea level rise projections with regard to impact on the Island
  • Review the activities of other coastal communities as related to coastal resilience planning, projects
  • Provide regular updates to the Select Board and Town Administration
  • Other related tasks as may be requested by the Board and/or Town Administration

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | View All Agendas and Minutes


Peter Brace, Chair, Harbor & Shellfish Advisory Board
Term Expires: 2023

Sarah Bois, Ph.D., Vice Chair, At-Large
Term Expires: 2024

Doug Rose, Secretary, At-Large
Term Expires: 2026

Rachael Freeman, Land Bank
Term Expires: 2023

Gary Beller, Advisory Committee of Non-Voting Tax Payers
Term Expires: 2023

Matt Fee, Select Board
Term Expires: 2024

Tim Braine, Conservation Commission
Term Expires: 2024

Jennifer M. Karberg, Ph.D, Nantucket Conservation Foundation
Term Expires: 2023

Christy Kickham, Capital Program Committee
Term Expires: 2023

Abby De Molina, Planning Board
Term Expires: 2024

Joanna Roche, At-Large
Term Expires: 2025

Staff assistance

  • Coastal Resilience Coordinator (and/or designee from Natural Resources Department)
  • Other staff attendance (as needed):
    • Land Use Planners/PLUS (2)
    • Assistant Town Manager for Special Projects
    • Public Outreach Manager
    • Other staff as needed (including Natural Resources Director)
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  1. Leah Hill

    Coastal Resilience Coordinator

  2. Natural Resources

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