Efforts on Facility Operations & Plant

1996 Lanzikos, McDonough & Associates Management Report

- Review of management and governance structure of OIH.

- Major findings included:

  • Seek rate relief from Medicaid program.
  • Alternative forms of ownership/management may not be beneficial as lose oversight of day-to-day operations and may impact rate relief efforts.
  • Deficit examined and strategies to bring down the deficit are limited.
  • Staffing levels and physical plant are standard with current standards.

2007 and 2009 reports from BruJan Consulting and Demarco Architects

- Providing an update to the 2007 presentation to provide acknowledgement of the bankruptcy status of Sherburne Commons, they presented 4 options in 2009:

  • Status quo (continue with increasing annual losses and an obsolete building with an institutional operational model).
  • Close OIH. Residents would move to off-island facilities or remain home.
  • Find an outside operator.
  • Make the investment to upgrade OIH to make it less costly to operate and less institutional.
  • This last option was the focus of more review to construct a new facility at the same location of the Sherburne Commons building (with potential repurpose of current building) as well as a design for the current East Creek Site was formulated.
  • No action was taken on these recommendations at that time.

September 2012 – OIH Workgroup developed

- Appointed by the Select Board to do an in-depth review of the finances and operations of OIH.

- 4 recommendations were presented for exploration and further community discussion.

  • Develop community-based care to be delivered to people in their homes rather than as residents of a skilled nursing facility.
  • Develop a Village Model which brings existing elder services together.
  • Build a smaller facility abutting the Sherburne Commons building
  • Sell current location to Land Bank to offset building new facility.

April 2014 SED Associates Mechanical Engineer Assessment

- Current facility’s current building systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) reviewed.

- Multiple system replacement or upgrades were recommended.

April 2015 Annual Town Meeting

- Multiple capital requests submitted for current building upgrades related to SED Assessment.

- Authorization to borrow $1,000,000 for costs associated with design of new facility.

June 2015 Feasibility Study

- Engaged SMRT Architects. After review of multiple sites, including phased or new build on the current site, it was initially determined a new facility adjacent to the Sherburne Commons building was the most feasible. Siting single phase construction, resident disruption, model/living environment, parking, future expansion options, and cost as leading reasons.

- Specific issues were later found including artifacts and costs of acquiring additional land.

- Community outreach on findings began September 2015 through January 2017.

November 2015 Special Town meeting

- Due to in an advertent error to do debt exclusion in April 2015 vote, re- authorization of original funds for designs of a new facility was sought. Opposition to the inclusion of the word ‘new’ was discussed. This passed with authorization of $1,000,000.

December 2015 Engagement with SK Advisors & Rabig Consulting through SMRT

- A joint effort to explore and determine bed size, model of care, financial pro-forma for options identified, demographic projections, and recommend an operating and staffing plan for OIH.

- Final report provided January 2017 and explored financial options based on a four 10-unit small house model (30 skilled nursing beds and 10 rest home level of care beds). 

October 2016 Annual Town Meeting

- Multiple capital requests submitted for current building upgrades while future of OIH options continue to be explored.

October 2016 Special Town meeting

- Voters passed a citizen article requiring the formation of a workgroup to resolve financial and otherwise unanswered questions or open issues related to the relocation, design, staffing, site control and demographics.

November 2016

- Select Board voted to explore plans for a new facility to be located at Miacomet Road (Sherburne Commons site).

December 2016 OIH Workgroup was formed

- Presentation to Select Board in March 2017 identified seven areas for further clarification.

- 2 main recommendations were:

  • More in-depth review of the current East Creek Road site
  • Any warrant article brought forth needs to also address commitment to continue to own and operate a skilled nursing home in the future.

December 2016 OIH Building Committee appointed

- Committee charged to perform document and design review for a new OIH.

- Also took a step back and reviewed work from the past 10-12 years, examined models of care (small house, traditional, etc.), additional site reviews, and examined potential capital costs associated with potential options.

- The two focus sites were Miacomet Road (adjacent to Sherburne Commons building) and the current East Creek Road site.  

January 2017 SMRT, SK Advisors & Rabig Consulting final report

- Examined financial options based on a four 10-unit small house model (30 skilled nursing beds and 10 rest home level of care beds) on the Miacomet Road site.

- Conceptual plans developed by SMRT accompanied this report.

- Explanation of current site logistics explained. Options for the existing site, including Landmark House relocation were explored further by Select Board directive after the January 2017 report.

- Discussion with State Senator and Representatives on issues regarding OIH related to its current and future status and matters involving DPH that may impact future decisions on a new facility.

- December 2017 Letter to MA DPH Commissioner Bharel related to our questions and concerns sent.

April 2017 Annual Town Meeting

- Four articles were put forth to authorize the borrowing of $30,000,000 for design and construction of a new facility along with the purchase and related sewer and zoning changes of private property adjacent to the Miacomet Road lot (Sherburne Commons).

- While by a narrow margin, the article(s) did not pass.

October 2017 Select Board review of facility upgrade project status

- Discussion on April 2017 ATM outcome occurred resulting in a refocus on next steps and potential for a later discussion.

November 2017 Select Board discussion about possible actions to take to move forward with a new plan for OIH

- The Board voted that Town Administration start searching for a firm to make recommendations on operating options, cost estimates, demographics and determine the feasibility of building at the current location.

May 2018 engaged CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA)

- CLA explored financial impacts and operational analysis of OIH.

- Updates were presented in October and December 2018 that presented financial models for 45 or 40 bed configurations, anticipated square footage, and related operational and capital costs.

- Recommended engagement of Architect to assist in feasibility and conceptual design renderings. Efforts for this began September 2018.

March 2019 Feasibility study engaged LWDA

- Conduct an architectural/engineering feasibility study to explore what it would look like, what steps would be needed, and potential cost to either renovate or build a new facility on the existing site (East Creek Road).

- May 2019 hosted a Charrette to explore schemes developed.

- Presented two schemes to Select Board September 2019 with CLA. Both schemes represented a phased 2-story construction for a 45-bed facility.

April 2020 Annual Town meeting

- Select Board to determine what warrant articles to sponsor. Current discussion includes:

  • Operational override due to continued operating deficit.
  • Seek authorization for design and associated cost funding in the amount of $5,000,000 for phased construction on the East Creek Road site.