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Our Island Home Measures to Protect Its Residents During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Given their congregate nature and residents served (e.g., older adults often with underlying chronic medical conditions), nursing home populations are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19. Residents are at increased risk of serious illness.

Currently at Our Island Home:

  • We are happy to advise that we are open to visits without prior scheduling.  All Visitors will continue to have surveillance checks performed by a staff member before entering the facility. Visitors will then be escorted to the residents room or designated visiting area.   Mask MUST be worn at all times during visits and while in the facility.  CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines are maintained along with social distancing.
  • Volunteers may return to Our Island Home as long as they are fully vaccinated (post two weeks of second shot) and have signed up with our new procedures through our Activities Department.
  • Group Activities are starting to resume and are scheduled following CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines.
  • Surveillance Screening (for fever, respiratory symptoms, and COVID contact) continues for all Staff, Volunteers, Venders, and Visitors who enter the building. 

Our Island Home is following the recommendation of CDC.

Our Facility

Our Island Home is a 45-bed smoke-free Skilled Nursing Facility dually licensed in Medicaid and Medicare since August 2007 and owned by the Town of Nantucket.

Our rooms are primarily semi-private; however, we do have three Private ‘Special Care’ rooms available. Each has a large window; some with a view of the creeks and Nantucket Harbor where we are located, as well as cable and telephone ready access.

We have a unique tropical fish tank in the living room area, a beautiful out door patio overlooking the harbor with volunteer manicured gardens, and daily pet visits that are always a treat.

Our Population

Our Resident population is diverse in not only heritage but origin of location. You will find men and women whose family roots go deep into Nantucket soil and those who have come to join family after coming to the island to visit and choosing to stay.

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Massachusetts Immunizations Information System (MIIS)

Our Island Home participates in data sharing of our residents and employees vaccination histories as required by State Law through MIIS. MIIS is a web-based state-wide system of record keeping for vaccination history of all Massachusetts residents.