Our Island Home


Our mission is to provide healthcare services that allow each resident to live their lives to their fullest potential.  OIH utilizes community resources and community spirit to keep families together, to ensure continuity of services, and to provide care in a therapeutic environment that meets each residents’ goals.


We are humbled and honored to provide our residents with the best nursing and rehabilitative care.  We strive to:

  • Connect and collaborate with our healthcare partners to improve healthcare services on Nantucket.
  • Provide rehabilitative and nursing care that is individualized, innovative, holistic, culturally competent and evidence based. 
  • To build new and unique opportunities for residents of Nantucket and their family members to age in place. 
  • Create a work environment for our employees that fosters positivity, growth, education, cultural competence, and teamwork.  
  • Always bring our best.

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Core Values

Outstanding Team and Collaborative Leadership

Integrity and Compassion

Honoring a happy and inclusive environment for residents and staff.

Collaborative: when “two or more parties work together” 

OIH leadership and employees value the concept of team to ensure our residents have their needs met and employees support each other

Integrity: quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; the condition of being whole

OIH employees are honest and caring towards resident and each other.

Compassion: the concern for the suffering of others

OIH employees strive for excellence in care and invoke feelings of warmth and encouragement toward our residents

Happy: being enthusiastic about something

OIH employees bring joy to the residents and each other

Inclusive: aiming to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people

OIH employees support residents and each other in all aspects of work and life.  We share the love of our work and show gratitude and respect for each other.

Our Island Home Measures to Protect Its Residents

Given their congregate nature and residents served (e.g., older adults often with underlying chronic medical conditions), nursing home populations are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19. Residents are at increased risk of serious illness.

Currently at Our Island Home:

  • We are happy to advise that we are open to visits without prior scheduling.  All Visitors must do a self-assessment (signs and symptoms of COVID-19, Flu, or cold, please refrain from visiting or entering the facility) prior to entry, this will included, hand hygiene and donning a mask.  CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines recommend maintaining social distancing when possible and in group settings.
  • We welcome the return of Volunteers to Our Island Home and please reach out to Olivia McLean, AD, for an application and updated guidelines.
  • Group Activities have returned, along with entertainment!  If you are interested in providing entertainment for our residents, please reach out to Olivia.

Our Island Home is following the recommendation of CDC.

Our Facility

Our Island Home is a 45-bed smoke-free Skilled Nursing Facility dually licensed in Medicaid and Medicare since August 2007 and owned by the Town of Nantucket.

Our rooms are primarily semi-private; however, we do have three Private ‘Special Care’ rooms available. Each has a large window; some with a view of the creeks and Nantucket Harbor where we are located, as well as cable and telephone ready access.

We have a unique tropical fish tank in the living room area, a beautiful out door patio overlooking the harbor with volunteer manicured gardens, and daily pet visits that are always a treat.

Our Population

Our Resident population is diverse in not only heritage but origin of location. You will find men and women whose family roots go deep into Nantucket soil and those who have come to join family after coming to the island to visit and choosing to stay.

Massachusetts Immunizations Information System (MIIS)

Our Island Home participates in data sharing of our residents and employees vaccination histories as required by State Law through MIIS. MIIS is a web-based state-wide system of record keeping for vaccination history of all Massachusetts residents.