The Town is performing an island-wide assessment of PFAS inclusive of wastewater treatment plant residuals and landfill operations. In August 2020 the Town hired CDM Smith, an environmental consultant, and is evaluating potential municipal sources contributing to PFAS contamination. The CDM Smith team brings the experience of a large engineering consulting firm with a team of recognized PFAS experts and local staff to assist in this evaluation. The PFAS evaluation and the information gathered will help identify the steps and future actions needed to meet regulatory requirements and guidelines.

The PFAS Preliminary Assessment and Planning Approach Report is available here.  This report was revised on March 16, 2021 (original dated February 4, 2021) to address an error in Table 6-1 and now includes an errata sheet at the end of the report. A five-page fact sheet that summarizes the report can be found here.

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