Educational Information

  • Grinder Pump Do’s and Don’ts: Learn how to take care of your home pump station.
  • Illegal Dumping is A Crime: Disposal of hazardous waste, herbicides, pesticides, car fluids, and toxic components into storm drains is not only illegal but it is a hazard to the island’s environment. Penalty for failure to comply with federal, state and Town regulations will result in a fine or even jail.
  • The FOG Monster (PDF): The discharge of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) to the sanitary sewer system is an important environmental and public health issue. 
  • Wipes Clog Pipes! (PDF): Wipes are No Recyclable-Non Compostable waste. They should be disposed as such, never flushed down the toilet. Next time you are about to flush a wipe, remember even wipes labeled as ‘flushable’ can lead to toilet and pipe blockages!
Trash it or Flush it
En el hinodoro solo papel higienico

This page was last updated on January 13, 2020.