Town Census

The Annual Town Census, or “Street Listing” Form is sent out annually in January by the Nantucket Town Clerk’s Office, per Massachusetts General Law.  The Annual Town Census should not be confused with the Federal Decennial Census, which is conducted every ten years – 2020 being a Federal Census year.

The required Annual Town Census information is used for a variety of important purposes, among which are: proof of residence to protect voter’s rights, veteran’s information, juror’s lists, statistics on numbers of children for school enrollment planning, and as an aid for Public Safety such as Police and Fire, as well as allocation of State and Federal Funds based on population statistics. For Nantucket residents, a Census listing or, “being on the Street List” is also a requirement to receive the resident rate for your vehicle on the Steamship!

Please remember that the Annual Census form does not register you to vote. Voter Registration may be done in person at the Clerk’s Office, via an RMV visit, or online at the Mass. Secretary of State’s portal:       

 The Annual Town Census form is very important, and we ask that you return the forms promptly for preparation of our Annual Street List, and the Voter’s List.  Within ten days is the ideal, but we continue to update Census information all through the year!

2020 Federal Census

The Federal Census forms will be mailed out beginning in late March.  The Federal Census is confidential, only ten questions, and can easily be answered online or via a quick phone call.

If you would like to learn more about the 2020 Federal Census, visit the Town of Nantucket 2020 Census Complete Count Committee web page.

PLEASE:  Answer both the Annual Town Census and the Federal Census and let’s get an accurate count of our island community in 2020!

This page was last updated on January 14, 2020.