Agricultural Commission


The Nantucket Agricultural Commission was established by Article 99 of the 2008 Annual Town Meeting to represent the Nantucket farming community; the mission of which Commission shall be to promote agricultural-based economic opportunities; preserve, revitalize and sustain the Nantucket agricultural industry, and encourage the pursuit of agriculture as a career opportunity and lifestyle. 


The Nantucket Agricultural Commission shall serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Nantucket; shall promote agricultural-based economic opportunities in Town; shall act as mediators, advocates, educators, and/or negotiators on farming issues, shall work for preservation of prime agricultural lands; shall pursue all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community, and shall take on any other duties as voted by the town, or requested by the Select Board or as may further the purposes of said Commission


The Commission shall consist of five members appointed by the Select Board, with two members being appointed for a term of three years; two members for a term of two years; and one member for an initial term of one year, and two years thereafter upon expiration of the initial term. To the extent available and willing to serve, the Commission shall consist of a minimum of three members whose prime source of income is derived from farming or agricultural-based enterprises in Nantucket and another two who are interested in farming. If the foregoing are neither available nor willing to serve, then any member may be appointed from the community who has an interest in agriculture. The Select Board shall fill any vacancy for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacancy.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


Posie Constable
Term Expires:  2024

Charity Benz
Term Expires:  2025

Pamela Perun
Term Expires:  2025

Jacob Tinkhauser
Term Expires:  2026

Kelly Steffen
Term Expires:  2026