Nantucket Water Co

The Nantucket Water Company reports as of December 1, 2022: 

Wannacomet Water

Nantucket Water collected samples for Wannacomet in October 2022.  We have not received the results yet.  

Sample Date:  October 2022
Results TBD

Siasconset Water

Nantucket Water collected multiple samples from Siasconset Water in 2022.  Test results are as follows: 

Sample Date: 1/3/22
Well #6 PFAS6 Non-Detected
Well #7 PFAS6 Non-Detected 

Sample Date: 7/12/22
Well #6 PFAS6 Non-Detected
Well #7 PFAS6 4.73 parts per trillion 

Because a low level was detected in Well #7 Nantucket Water installed a new sampling port with no pipe dope or Teflon tape and sample Well #7 again

Sample Date: 9/28/22
Well #7 PFAS6 Non-Detected

  • The MassDEP has not required that PFAS sampling be completed by any public water supplies yet.  Wannacomet expects the MassDEP will be coming out with that soon and will be adding PFAS to its sampling schedule.  Currently, Wannacomet goes above and beyond and collects more samples than are required by MassDEP.
  • Wannacomet is required by law and MassDEP to collect samples as outlined in our MassDEP Sampling Schedule. 
  • The sampling schedule is based on quarterly sampling of hundreds of constituents including, heavy metals, VOC’s, SOC’s, inorganics, radon and others.
  • Members of our staff including the Director have taken sampling procedure classes offered by New England Water Work and have completed on-line training for PFAS sampling.
  • Wannacomet’s sampling budget is 65K to 75K a year.

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