Textile recycling ad 2.2.2021
Textile recycling ad SP

Although our beloved Take-It-or-Leave-It (TIOLI) will remain temporarily closed during COVID, DPW has taken this opportunity to reimagine a larger and improved TIOLI, as was presented to the Select Board on October 28, 2020. These proposed improvements include:

  • More staff
  • A separate Leave-It area for dropping off items
  • A separate Take-It building for shopping, with a larger building in long-term planning
  • Other storage building(s) for additional reuse and recycling programs in long-term planning
  • Safer parking for TIOLI patrons, separate from the Recycling Center Drop-Off parking
  • Diversion of TIOLI surplus materials (AFTER having been available to Nantucketers first) to a charitable reuse market off-island.

Please make use of the many reuse opportunities on Nantucket, or consider a yardsale.

Local Free and For Sale Websites


Thrift and Consignment Stores


We appreciate the community's continued support of our prized Take-It-Or-Leave-It operation as it undergoes improvements for a more sustainable future.