Article 23


(Appropriation:  Affordable Housing Trust Fund)

            To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, borrow or transfer from available funds, the sum of Four Hundred Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($475,000) to deposit into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund established pursuant to Mass. General Law c. 44, section 55C for Fiscal Year 2022.


Or, to take any other action related thereto.


(Select Board)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved to take no action on the Article. 


FINANCE COMMITTEE COMMENT:  Operational funding for the Town’s Housing Office has now been included in Article 8 of the Town's Fiscal Year 2022 General Fund Operating Budget. Therefore, this Article is unnecessary, and the Finance Committee recommends Take No Action. The Finance Committee fully supports funding the Housing Office in the General Fund Budget.