Article 35


(Appropriation:  Legal Opinion for Beach Access)

Carried Over from 2020 Annual Town Meeting

            To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate or transfer from available funds a sum of money to provide funding for a legal opinion that would give a direction to allow free access to the tidal flat’s in and around the coastal area’s of Nantucket. By investigating indepth the rights given to the Town of Nantucket by the Proprietors in 1841 as set forth by the colonial act of 1693, but not limited to any other means that would benefit the community or take any other action relative thereto.


(Clifford J. Williams, et al)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved not to adopt the Article. 


SELECT BOARD COMMENT:  The Board supports the Finance Committee Motion; however, shares Mr Williams’s concern and has directed staff and Town Counsel to research and present policies that ensure continued public access.