Article 60


(Zoning Map Change:  LUG-2 to R-20 – Rugged Road)

Carried Over from 2020 Annual Town Meeting

            To see if the Town will vote to take the following actions in regard to the following property:









Rugged Road


  1. Amend the Zoning Map of the Town of Nantucket by placing the foregoing property, currently located in the Limited Use General – 2 (LUG-2) district, to the Residential-20 (R-20) zoning district:


All as shown on the attached map.


Or to take any other action related thereto.


(Irene Schreiber, et al)

PLANNING BOARD MOTION:  Moved to take no action on the Article.


PLANNING BOARD COMMENT:  Extending the R-20 zoning district and Town Overlay District to include these properties was not supported and the Board found that Rugged Road should remain as the district boundary between LUG-2 and R-20. Following a lengthy discussion, the Planning Board determined that the potential impacts of this rezoning proposal, which was carried over from the 2020 ATM, would have a negative impact on the low density and rural character of the area east of the Beach Plum Village 40B. 


FINANCE COMMITTEE COMMENT:  The Committee supports the Planning Board Motion.


Quantum of vote required for passage of the motion is 2/3