Article 74


(Bylaw Amendment:  Car Rental Agencies, Registration of)

To see if the Town will vote to amend Chapter 58 (Car Rental Agencies, Registration of) of the Code of the Town of Nantucket, by adding a new Paragraphs B-1 and B-2 to §58-3 as follows (NOTE: new language is shown as highlighted text, language to be deleted is shown by strikeout; these methods to denote changes are not meant to become part of the final text and, further, that non-sustentative changes to the numbering of this bylaw be permitted in order that it be in compliance with the numbering format of the Code of the Town of Nantucket):


§ 58-1. Definitions. 


As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:



A motor vehicle propelled by a motor powered by electrical energy from rechargeable batteries or other source onboard the vehicle.



The same meaning as defined in the General Laws.



A person, business or corporation engaged in the Town of Nantucket in the business of renting, leasing or keeping for rent any motor vehicle.



To grant or make available the use, possession or enjoyment of a motor vehicle for an agreed period of time in exchange for an agreed payment, whether or not such transaction is a separate agreement in itself or is part of a broader agreement between the parties thereto.


§ 58-2. License required to rent or lease vehicles; sticker required on rental vehicles. 


No person, business or corporation shall engage in the business of renting, leasing or keeping for rent or lease any motor vehicle without first being licensed annually by the Select Board to do so. It shall be unlawful for any motor vehicle to be rented, leased or made available for rental or lease in the Town of Nantucket without such motor vehicle displaying a rental sticker affixed to the rear bumper pursuant to this chapter.


§ 58-3. Annual fee; issuance of licenses and stickers. 


A.        Each application for a rental agency license shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee as established by the Select Board. The application shall include a listing of the registration number of each motor vehicle available or to be available for lease for the year in which the license is to be valid. Licenses for rental agencies shall be issued on a calendar-year basis and shall be issued after payment of an annual fee of $100 per rental motor vehicle; provided, however, that no payment of such fee shall be required for a motor vehicle upon which an excise has been assessed, levied and paid to the Town of Nantucket under the provisions of Chapter 60A of the General Laws. The Select Board shall issue a license to each approved applicant, which shall be posted in a conspicuous manner at the place of business. 


B.        The total number of motor vehicles available for lease on the island of Nantucket shall not exceed 700. The Select Board shall issue each rental agency one rental vehicle medallion (RVM) for each motor vehicle listed in its 1996 application and which received a rental sticker. Each RVM constitutes the nonexpiring right to lease one motor vehicle. A rental agency shall possess one RVM for each motor vehicle listed in its application beginning in 1998. 


B-1.     The Select Board is authorized to enact regulations to effectuate the purposes of this Bylaw, which may include but not be limited to establishing the maximum number of vehicles that may be available for rent on the island, procedures for allocating rental vehicle medallions (RVMs) to rental agencies, and the establishment of fees, provided, however, that any fees established shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 266 of the Acts of 1989, as may be amended from time-to-time. Prior to enacting regulations, the Select Board shall conduct a public hearing. Notice of the time and place of such public hearing, of the subject matter, sufficient for identification, and of the place where texts of the proposed regulation may be inspected shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the town once in each of two successive weeks, the first publication to be not less than fourteen days before the day of said hearing, by posting such notice in a conspicuous place in the town hall and on the Town’s website for a period of not less than fourteen days before the day of said hearing.


B-2.     Upon the effective date of any regulations enacted by the Select Board, Subsection 58.3-B of this Bylaw shall be replaced with Subsection 58.3-B-1, and Subsection 58-3.D shall expire and be stricken from the Bylaws of the Town; provided that any licenses and/or RVMs in effect at the time the regulations become effective shall remain in effect until the end of that calendar year. Notwithstanding anything in this Bylaw to the contrary, said Paragraphs B and D shall remain in full force and effect unless and until the Select Board enacts regulations in accordance with this Bylaw.


C.        Upon issuance of the license, the Select Board shall provide one annual rental sticker for each motor vehicle listed in the approved application, which shall be affixed by the licensee to the left rear bumper of each motor vehicle so listed. Each sticker shall recite the registration number of the vehicle to which it is affixed.


D.        RVM's are transferable, with or without consideration, to any other rental agency or entity. Such transfers may be made whenever, and to the extent that, the number of RVM's held by the transferor exceeds the number of unexpired annual stickers issued to the transferor. A transfer shall be effective upon written notice of the transfer, by the transferor, to the Select Board. Should a rental agency surrender its RVM rights to the Select Board, or should the Select Board possess surplus RVM's from any other cause, these RVM's may be retained by the Town and/or may be re-issued at a fee to be established from time to time by the Select Board. Any RVM's not obtained by any rental agency by the end of any calendar year shall be considered surplus as of January first and may be retired by the Town at that time.



§ 58-3.1. Licensee to pay fees. 

No license pursuant to this chapter shall be issued unless or until the applicant shall have paid to the Town all lease or rental transaction surcharges established by MGL c. 90, § 20E(i).


§ 58-4. Nontransferability. 

The license shall not be transferable between businesses, persons or corporations, nor between location of business premises; individual motor vehicle stickers shall not be transferable between different motor vehicles.


§ 58-5. Violations and penalties. 

Violations of this chapter shall be punishable by a fine of $300, each day being considered a separate offense.


§ 58-6. Vehicles with controls for disabled. 

Any rental motor vehicle equipped with controls for the disabled and used by a disabled person shall not be required to have a rental vehicle sticker, without regard to the requirements and limitations of § 58-3B, C and D of this Code.


§ 58-7. Electric vehicles. 

The Select Board may develop an exemption for up to 10 battery electric vehicles from the rental vehicle sticker, without regard to the requirements and limitations of § 58-3B, C and D of this Code.


(Select Board for Airport Commission)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved not to adopt the Article.


FINANCE COMMITTEE COMMENT: The Finance Committee recommends Not to Adopt due to the potential negative impact it could have on local businesses. While the Airport and the Town are certainly empowered to propose changes to lease and operating agreements with tenants, it appears that this business issue would benefit from further negotiation among the affected parties.