Retirement Plans (Active Employees)

Barnstable County Retirement Association/ Mass Teachers’ Retirement System (Retirees)

The Town of Nantucket requires employees who work 25 hours a week or more to participate in the Barnstable County Retirement System (BCRA) or Mass Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS). The contribution rate for most employees will be 9% of regular compensation with an additional 2% if your annual rate of regular compensation of $30,000 or higher. This is a mandatory deduction, and employees cannot choose the % percentage to be taken. 

Retiring with BCRA: 

Retiring with MTRS:

  • MTRS Guides HERE
  • MTRS Active/ Inactive Members’ Form Center HERE.



OBRA is the mandatory employee funded defined contribution plan for part-time, seasonal, and temporary public employees. In MA, it is called the SMART plan.

As a seasonal/ part-time and temporary employee of a MA government employer who is not eligible to participate in the Town retirement program, you are required to participate in a deferred compensation Smart plan-OBRA. OBRA is an alternative to Social security and it is a mandatory deduction.  More information about the plan highlights and distribution options HERE.

  • All participants classified as OBRA must make a mandatory contribution to the Plan equal to 7.5% of their gross compensation per pay period.
  • If you choose to withdraw while working for the Town, you will be subject to penalties. You can rollover your funds to another differed plan after your employment has ended. 
  • You can contact The SMART Plan Service Center (877) 457-1900 directly to obtain more information and discuss investment plans & strategies. 



457 Deferred Compensation

For more information and enrollment please contact the below representatives.