Mosquito Control

Integrated Pest Management Plan

The Mosquito Control Program will follow an Integrated Pest Management Plan. All pest management decisions will be made after conducting surveillance and determining that mosquito populations have reached an action threshold. The integrated plan will combine multiple pest control measures in an environmentally responsible manner and may include surveillance, source reduction, ditch maintenance, water management, application of larvicide and pupacide, and education.

Larvicides to be used are "essentially nontoxic" according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and will not harm humans, animals, birds, other insects, fish, shellfish, plants, or the environment. Unless there is a serious public health threat, pesticides and aerial and truck spraying will not be employed. Private property owners will be permitted to opt out of testing and treatment.


At the 2011 Annual Town Meeting $100,000 was authorized to create a Nantucket Mosquito Control Program under Mass General Law Chapter 252 called Improvement of Low Lands and Swamps. Chapter 252 of the Mass General Laws allows counties to set up County Mosquito Control Boards that treat for mosquito elimination in season and address water stagnation in the off season.

Committee Development

In December of 2011 a committee was formed to do this. So far, Town Meeting 2012 voted to send a Home Rule petition, creating a Nantucket Mosquito Control Board to the legislature and the committee hired a contractor, VDCI, to do testing and treatment for the Spring / Summer of 2013. Once the legislature approves the Home Rule petition, a Nantucket Mosquito Control Board can be formed which will create a Mosquito Control Program and adopt an Integrated Pest Management Plan to address mosquitoes.

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