Mobile Food Units


You must fill out the Town of Nantucket Mobile Food Unit Application to start the process.


Please Allow 6 weeks to complete the Application, Review, Inspection andApproval Process.

Mobile Unit

You are not required to purchase the Mobile Unit prior to review. You will need to identify the type, size and model for the review but it is recommended that you make sure you can follow through with the Health and location requirements before making the final investment.Vehicle registration will be required before final License is issued.


Please review guidelines below for Location specific requirements.

  • No Mobile Food Unit may operate within 500 feet of ANY food service establishment (includes restaurants, sandwich/pizza shops, deli’s, general stores with prepared food items for sale) and no sales and service allowed in the Downtown Historic District.
  • The following Town of Nantucket Beach locations do NOT allow Mobile Food Units: Children’s; Jetties; Surfside; Madaket; Miacomet; Francis Street; Codfish Park.
  • Beach areas that are under the control of the Audubon Society, Nantucket ConservationFoundation, USCG, Trustees of the Reservations are NOT granted Mobile Food Unit permits by the Select Board. Any MFU’s operating at these locations with permission from the governing organization must still pass all Health requirements and inspections.
  • The following Beach locations require written permission from the listed permitting authority before a final Town of Nantucket license is granted. Please note most locations require an additional fee to operate in addition to the MFU License:
    1. LAND BANK: Cisco; Ladies; Miacomet (West)
      1. Contact 
      1. Contact
  •  ‘Roaming’ Licenses will be issued for Ice Cream Style Trucks Only. No trucks serving fullmeals, sandwiches, etc. Locations must be pre-approved by Select Board and may requireadditional approval from property owners or neighborhood associations. A proposed route and stops must be submitted with application.


A Food Establish Permit Application and Plan Review with the Health Department is required. You will need to have an approved Health Plan Review before a Licensing hearing canbe scheduled. Please contact the Health Department upon application to review requirements and process for inspection (508-228-7200, x7014 or x7020). You must be prepared with the following for a Plan Review:

  • The base of operations for all Mobile Food Units must be a licensed commercial food establishment approved by the Health Department. Once approved, a copy of a signed lease must be submitted. Please note: Daily visits to the base of operations is required for restocking, cleaning and sanitizing, and dumping of your wastewater.
  • The following documents are required: Unit Layout; Full Menu; List of all equipment specifications (All commercial grade equipment required).
  • The Food Manager is required to have the following Certificates: Allergy; ServSafe; Worker’s Compensation (or signed affidavit for sole proprietors).


Fingerprinting of all new Mobile Food Unit Applicants is required within 7days of submittal of a Mobile Food Unit License Application. Fingerprinting requirements are as follows:

  • Fingerprints are done by appointment only on Wednesdays, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, Nantucket Police Department, 4 Fairgrounds Road.
  • Valid Government issued identification (MA Driver’s License, US Passport, MA RMV IDcard, State ID card)
  • $30 Money Order payable to Commonwealth of Massachusettso $10 Administration Fee payable to the Town of Nantucket or Credit Card payment accepted.
  • Out of State Applicants must request a Massachusetts State Police Fingerprint Card to be sent to their address to have fingerprints taken at an off-island Police Department. The fingerprints and the $30 Money Order must be returned to the Nantucket Police Department for processing.
  • Fingerprint results take 1-2 days.

Public Hearing

All applications are reviewed and approved by the Select Board at the Board’s discretion during a Public Hearing (3rd Wednesday of every month). A Legal Notice is required for two weeks prior to the hearing at the applicant’s expense. The hearing will be scheduled once Fingerprint results are returned and Health Department approves Plan Review.


All Licensing Fees must be paid in full before a final license is issued. Health Department and Location Fees are handled separately.

  • $35: Application Fee (includes $25 License Application Fee and $10 Fingerprint Processing Fee)
  • $300: Annual Town of Nantucket License Fee
  • $30: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fingerprint Fee
  • $335.12: Inquirer & Mirror Legal Notice Fee