Storm Water

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required all cities and towns to maintain tighter control of the municipal storm drainage systems. The Town of Nantucket has been working on building and implementing a stormwater management program.

Other EPA Stormwater Websites

  • Urban Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution): provides technical information on control of urban nonpoint source pollution.
  • Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure: summarizes common green infrastructure approaches and key resources for research, funding and partnerships.
  • Low Impact Development (LID): provides resources on low impact development principles.
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and Stormwater: provides information on waters listed for impairments from stormwater sources and the TMDLs to Stormwater Permits Draft Handbook.
  • NPDES Compliance Monitoring Strategy: outlines inspection and compliance goals for the entire NPDES program, including major and minor NPDES facilities, pretreatment programs, biosolids, CSOs, SSOs, stormwater, and CAFOs. This new strategy, which takes effect in 2009, places increased emphasis on wet weather issues, particularly stormwater sources, and sets ambitious targets for audits and inspections of Phase I and II MS4s, construction sites, and industrial facilities.
  • Greening EPA, Stormwater Management: summarizes strategies to reduce environmental impacts for EPA Headquarter's facilities and operations; and provides in-depth descriptions and examples of low impact development and sustainable stormwater management practices.