Phase 1 - Water Main Expansion Project

  • Project Timeline: Fall 2023 - Fall 2025
  • Project Manager:  Chuck Larson
  • Design Engineer:  James Drake, CDM Smith, Inc.

This project is the expansion of a Town Water Main as part of the Town’s voluntary efforts to address potential PFAS contamination in private wells west of the Airport (click here for more information). This project is technically separate from the roadway reconstruction, drainage, and multi-use path projects underway however it does overlap on the roadway projects on Lovers Lane, Okorwaw Avenue and Monohansett Road, Phase 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Specifically, this water main project includes the remaining portions of Lovers Lane and Skyline Drive, and all of Webster Road, and Nobadeer Way.  

The water main project is funded by Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection’s (MADEP) State Revolving Fund (SRF).   The Town’s $8.3M application for the SRF was accepted and the project was placed on the MADEP’s SRF Intended Use Plan in February 2022.  2022 ATM Article 10 – New Water Main West of Airport approved $9.0M debt exclusion and 2022 ATE Ballot Question 13 approved the $9.0M debt exclusion (approved 1,738 Yes, 496 No, 140 Blank).

Because the timeline for use of the SRF funding is faster than the existing roadway reconstruction projects (see Guide to SRF Financing), the Water Main Expansion Project is considered Phase 1 in the sequence of projects. The Water Main Expansion Project overlaps multiple Surfside area roads intended for roadway reconstruction, drainage and mixed-use path upgrades, therefore the Project Team advocates accelerating the schedule of the roadway reconstruction projects to address paving the roads following the Water Main Expansion project.

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In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s State Revolving Fund Program, the Town’s water main expansion project is being bid under Ch.30 Section 39M

Bid Schedule
Submit advertisement to Central RegThursday2/16/2023
MassDEPT PTAPermission to advertise2/22/2023
Post bidAdvertise posts on Wednesday. Post bid on Friday.2/24/2023
Pre-bid meeting (virtual)1 week later3/2/2023
Last day for questions10 days before bid opening3/9/2023
Last day for addenda7 days before bid opening3/14/2023
Bid opening 
(bid opening date changed from 3/23/2021 to 5/24/2023)
12 weeks from posting5/24/2023

Send request for authorization to Award to DEP1 week later5/31/2023
Submit info to Select BoardPrior Tuesday6/6/2023
Obtain authorization to Award
Select Board Meeting/Vote

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