Long-Term Solid Waste Planning Work Group


The mission of the Long-Term Solid Waste Planning Work Group (Work Group) is to provide ensure effective and transparent management of Nantucket’s solid waste today and into the future, guided by principles of sustainability, and accounting for the balance of the economic, environmental, and social health of our island.

The Work Group works directly with the Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Office, to recommend and oversee implementation of data-driven initiatives for island-wide solid waste management in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies. The Work Group is committed to sharing information regarding key initiatives and decisions with the public through public information sessions and hearings.


Much of the solid waste generated on Nantucket is received and processed at the Town-owned site at 188 Madaket Road. At present, the key facilities at that site are managed on behalf of the Town by a private firm, Waste Options, LLC, pursuant to a Waste Services Agreement that is scheduled to terminate on November 30, 2025. The key focus of the Work Group is to establish new arrangements for solid waste management to succeed the existing Waste Service Agreement as of December 1, 2025 and thereafter, consistent with the Work Group mission, and to ensure a smooth transition from present to future arrangements. 


  1. Support new programs for waste reduction and re-use.
  2. Improve the system of solid waste processing by implementing new methods for collecting food and organic wastes, recyclable paper and non-recyclable non-compostable materials island-wide. 
  3. Have the Town own and control all solid waste management facilities at the Site by purchasing the Composter and Transfer Station (which are privately owned).
  4. Prepare an RFP and new Waste Service Agreement to procure, through a competitive bidding process, a private provider of solid waste management services for the Town starting December 1, 2025.
  5. Expand the Landfill to secure as much capacity for managing residual wastes as the site can allow.


Town Staff

  • C. Elizabeth Gibson, Town Manager 
  • Rick Sears, Assistant Town Manager
  • Brian Turbitt, Director of Finance
  • Andrew Patnode, Director of Public Works
  • Christopher Lowe, Solid Waste Manager   
  • Alice Kellogg, Recycling Coordinator

Town Board and Committee Representatives

  • Brooke Mohr, Select Board              
  • Howard Matz, Capital Program Committee
  • Peter Schaeffer, Finance Committee

Support Services

  • John Giorgio, Esq., KP Law, Town Council  
  • George Aronson, CMRC (consultant)