Physical Health

Spring on Nantucket

As we're all aware, spring time on Nantucket presents us all with wonderful opportunities to spend more time outdoors working and recreating. Unfortunately, with the increase in outside activities comes the inescapable contact with mosquitoes and ticks! As such, contact with these insect pests may leave us with a mild irritation or worse, blood borne diseases, which may have long lasting consequences

However, addressing the impact of these insect/arachnid problems may be lessened by following a few simple common sense guidelines. Check out our pages on both ticks and mosquitoes so you can informed on ways to prevent contact with them, and how to respond if you do.

Summer on Nantucket

Summer time on Nantucket means beach days, barbeques and bike rides! In order to make the most out of your summer we want you to be safe. When going to the beach it is important to protect you and your family from the sun and to stay hydrated! Check out some of our pages on sun safety and heat stroke prevention so you can be prepared and enjoy your beach days without worry. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Nantucket is by bike! Make sure to check out our page on how to properly fit and wear your helmet for optimal protection before heading out on your bike ride.

If you decide to have a barbeque, click the link below provided by to find out what the safe minimum cooking temperatures are for various foods!