Roads and Right of Way Committee


The committee recommended opening a number of lateral ways from Baxter Road to the Foot-Path for enhanced public access and developed a management plan for the bluff walk. Upon adoption by the Select Board, the recommendations are now being implemented by the Town.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Bill Grieder, Chair
Term Expires: 2025

Allen Reinhard, Vice Chair
Term Expires: 2025

Lee W. Saperstein, Secretary
Term Expires: 2023

Nathaniel Lowell
Term Expires: 2023

Phil Smith
Term Expires: 2023

Nelson Eldridge
Term Expires: 2024

Edward Gillum
Term expires: 2024

Rob Ranney
Term Expires: 2024

Rick Atherton
Term Expires: 2025

Andrew Vorce, Ex-Officio  

VISION STATEMENT, Adopted October 20, 2009

The vision of the Roads and Right of Way Committee is to preserve access to Nantucket's public and private lands, including our harbors, coastline, ponds, moors, conservation lands and historical sites. Access is one of the greatest gifts the Town of Nantucket can protect for our current and future citizens.

MISSION STATEMENT, Adopted October 20, 2009

Our mission as the Nantucket Roads and Right of Way Committee is to review any issues concerning the status of access over public and private roads, rights of way, abutters ways, proprietors roads, footpaths, and any other ways throughout Nantucket town and county and to make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen / County Commissioners to ensure and improve public access over them.

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