Wilkes Square Redevelopment

The Town of Nantucket is conducting a planning study for the Wilkes Square (Candle Street) Redevelopment Site (Map) including the National Grid, Greenhound, Winthrop, and Nantucket Island Resort properties as identified in Article 90 of the Nantucket 2008 annual town meeting.

The Board of Selectmen has charged the Downtown Revitalization Committee with identifying goals for the Nantucket downtown area which balance economic strength with community preservation, and encourage greater venues for social activity while recognizing the importance of planning.

The designer will consider the following guidelines:

  • attracting a wide range of individuals through a multi-functional environment, including: housing, work, shopping, culture, entertainment, government, and tourist attractions
  • balancing the human, social and economic needs with the infrastructure requirements of parking, public transportation, bike racks, road access, traffic flow, sidewalks and shore front walkways
  • attracting commercial business to locate downtown by providing guidance on financing, zoning, and preliminary site design
  • protecting the unique qualities, historical significance and feel of the town
  • incorporating attractive space for civic gatherings
  • recognizing the value of keeping the town government in downtown