History of Streetlamps

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What Are Decorative Streetlamps?
Decorative Streetlamps

On the left is the Philadelphia fixture style and the right is the Boulevard fixture style.

In 2006, the Town of Nantucket took ownership of the decorative streetlamps in the core historic districts in the Town and Siasconset from National Grid. The Town of Nantucket became responsible for the maintenance and repair of the streetlamps, while National Grid is responsible for supplying electricity to the pole and replacing light bulbs and photocells.

The two main fixture styles are the Philadelphia and Boulevard that are shown above. The Philadelphia style is influenced by the colonial period while the Boulevard style is towards the Victorian time. They are similar to the oil streetlamps that previously existed on Nantucket; they maintain the historic ambience that allows everyone to travel back in time.

To find out more about the history of the streetlamps, read Edourad Stackpole's document "Street Lighting in Nantucket"!