Airport Security

There are three organizations present at the Airport with differing roles in providing for safety and security.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Transportation Security Officers and Inspectors are the most visible security presence at the Airport – the men and women in blue uniforms who screen baggage and passengers departing on commercial aircraft. They are part of a larger Federal Agency, whose mission is to protect the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

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Nantucket Police Department (NPD)
A fulltime Law Enforcement Officer is stationed at the Airport. The Airport is a municipal organization, and an arm of the Town of Nantucket. The NPD serves to prevent crime, protect life and property, and enforce laws and ordinances.”

Nantucket Memorial Airport

Actual Airport employees are the least recognizable members of the three security organizations. Airport security personnel administer FAA and TSA directives governing internal and facility (i.e. infrastructure) safety and security.

If you something suspicious, please report it to the nearest air employee, TSA or NPD officer, any relevant official, or dial 911. An emergency situation is not the time to try to distinguish organizational roles and missions.”

For questions regarding approved carry-on items, please visit the TSA’s websitefor the most current information.

For lost and found – for items left on an aircraft – please contact your airline.

For lost and found – for items left in the terminal – as well as Airport access, and ID questions, please contact the Airport Security office at 508-325-7567.

For parking ticket dispute, please contact Airport Security at 508-325-7567.

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