Noise Abatement - Pilots

ACK is a municipally-owned Airport, and not an Authority. It is overseen by an appointed Commission, which itself is composed of elected Island residents. The Airport’s annual budget, including major capital expenses, are also subject to annual review and approval by a majority of residents at the Nantucket Annual Town Meeting.

The point is that ACK is a small town Airport, with a strong community interest in its operation. Our ability to address major infrastructure changes to increase capacity and efficiency (as well as pilot comfort – see our new FBO), depends in part on demonstrating our commitment to minimize aircraft noise.

This does not mean that we necessarily expect pilots to operate unsafely, or against instructions from ATC. For our part, we work patiently and diligently to educate our community members on noise generation and the 65 DNL (PDF), our need to meet new standards, and FAA exclusivity.

Our key publication is the 2015 Noise Abatement Letter to Airmen (PDF). In addition to the preferred noise abatement routes listed in this link, we also ask pilots to please limit their engine and APU runs to the minimum necessary for maneuvering and operational needs.

Please help us serve local aviation – do what you can, when you can. Fly Friendly (PDF), and please avoid overflying the Island.

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