New Our Island Home (OIH) Building Updates


Much progress has been made regarding the development phase for the new Our Island Home since last report.  The following goals have been accomplished and we are moving full steam ahead into the design phase by hiring an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) as soon as the procurement process is completed. 

  • May 2022 : Article 11 was approved at the Annual Town Meeting on May 2, 2022 (767 Yes votes and 130 No votes), and voters approved Question 1, a Proposition 2 ½ debt exclusion at the Annual Town Election on May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022 Annual Town Election 

Question 1: Debt Exclusion:  Design for New Our Island Home Facility

Shall the Town of Nantucket be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition Two and One-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to design a new Our Island Home facility to be located on Town-owned land currently leased to Sherburne Commons located at 40 Sherburne Commons Way including the costs of professional services for design, permitting, engineering, materials, and other related professional services, and any other costs incidental and related thereto?

  • Yes = 1621
  • No = 673
  • Blank = 80
  • July 2022:  Bob Eisenstein, from Eisenstein Flaherty, LLC was hired as the internal project manager to coordinate efforts during the design phase of the new facility
  • July-August, 2022: Stakeholder meetings continued to be held by solicit feedback from different constituent groups regarding specific program and design ideas for the new OIH
  • September-December  2022: A new OIH-Senior Center work group was established by the Town Manager to meet on a regular basis and provide open communication and dialogue during the design and build phase for the new OIH. Activities of the group included:
    • Tour of Sherburne Commons campus to examine the site plans for the new OIH and contribute any new ideas for the development and design phase
    • Met with project manager of a new nursing home facility on Martha’s Vineyard to discuss any issues relevant to development of OIH such as program ideas, cost, timing, Department of Public Health licensing, financing, and other issues to help inform planning for our project
    • Discussion of new Senior Center and ideas for coordination of plans during the development, design  and construction phase for these two projects, including a meeting with the director of the Plymouth senior center known as the “Center for Active Living”
    • Monthly meetings continue for this group and the OPM will be invited to address the group as the design phase progresses during the winter and spring of 2023
  • In December, Town Manager Libby Gibson, and Project Manager Bob Eisenstein appeared on the local “Frank and Mary” show with Arthur Bergeron and Alison Forsgren to give updates on the new OIH project and answer questions for the public
  • Bob Eisenstein and Libby Gibson have met with the Nantucket Cottage Hospital President to initiate discussions about potential shared or complementary services between the two organizations
  • Bob Eisenstein has held ongoing meetings with Sherburne Commons residents to evaluate potential opportunities for continuum of care models between OIH and Sherburne Commons
  • Meetings are occurring on going with current OIH staff to solicit feedback and best practice ideas for the development of the new facility
  • As the development phase continues, “content experts” will be identified from the community to assist the Town in development of ideas for the new building and coordination of care models

The current* timeline for design and building phase:

  • By July, 2023:  The Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) is expected to be engaged and throughout 2023 design will be developed 
  • Fall 2023: state Department of Public Health Determination of Need application begins
  • Winter of 2024:  Completion of design phase expected
  • Spring – Fall of 2024:  Construction documents developed
  • Early 2025: Project goes out to bid
  • 2025 Annual Town Meeting/Election: Request funds for construction & associated costs of new OIH facility
  • Spring/Summer 2027: Anticipated completion of project


*subject to change

To access to past documents regarding the Our Island Home Proposed New Facility, visit the Town of Nantucket Archives Page.