Sconset Rotary Flag Pole

The jack staff has been installed in the rotary (since Veteran’s Day 2015). However, the replacement of the David Gray Memorial has been an extremely long term effort by the DPW. In order to inform the public, please note the following chronological information:

  • 2012 Crew identified condition issues on main pole. It was filled with wood putty and repainted.
  • 2013 The pole was no longer structurally stable. The jack staff was not raised at all this year.
  • 2013 DPW decided to investigate doing repair work again at eroded location. This was deemed impossible due to the extent of the rotten wood. (Pictured below)
Sconset flag pole wood rot
sconset flag pole
  • 2013 CPC application was made for full replacement. The application was denied. As a result, DPW looked at doing the replacement in house under the direction of the General Foreman.
  • 2014-2015 Multiple attempts were made to remove the pole and excavate using a crane, fire, auger, shovels, chainsaw to allow the installation of wooden mast purchased with funds from the Sconset Civic Association. The concrete collar was also removed to try to facilitate this. Continuous attempts to excavate the old pole from the ground were unsuccessful.
  • 2016 SMRT Architects are brought in to start again and hire restoration professionals.

Funding Request (Total): $200,000

Proposed Schedule

  • Completed - removal of existing mast with a crane and order replacement
  • September 2016- Apply for CPA funding
  • April 2017-Town Meeting vote for additional funding
  • May 2017 - Hire Architectural firm to coordinate historic restoration
  • August 2017- Go out to bid for contractor to raise new flag pole.
  • September 2017 - Construction
  • October 2017 - Project Completion
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