Beach Events

If you are planning a special event on one of Nantucket’s beaches, we ask that you respect our beaches, as they are fragile and open for enjoyment by all.

Due of the high volume of people who use the beaches each day, we restrict special events on public beaches. Private events or public commercial events can be permitted - with limitations. These limitations include but are not limited to restrictions on size, equipment, alcohol, and entertainment.

The Town of Nantucket processes all beach event permits, but a few beaches require additional permissions. For details regarding the various permitting authorities, please refer to the beach permitting authority list (PDF). Permission from non-town permitting authorities must be granted prior to receiving a beach event permit. To apply for a beach event permit, please fill out a Town of Nantucket Special Event application.

Brant Point by Kite

Details regarding allowable activities can be found in the beach allowable activity list (PDF). If you have any questions regarding hosting a special event on a beach, please contact Carlisle Jensen and she will walk you through the process.