Filming on Nantucket

All productions including: commercial, non-profit, student and / or educational, looking to film on public property must file an application within 60 days prior to expected film date.

Non-profit and student filming may be exempt from permit fees but are still required to file an application. Nantucket based non-profits are exempt and do not need to apply or receive a Town of Nantucket Film Permit.

Before You Apply:

To apply, please complete a Filming Permit Application. Be prepared to include the following in your application:

  • Timeline of proposed shoot
  • Size of crew and details on equipment
  • Filming locations - including specific streets and beaches (if applicable)
  • Requests for b-roll shooting or still photography
  • Filming request on publicly accessible beaches must receive permission from the permitting authority. Refer to the Beach Permitting Authority List for contact information for each permitting authority.

Any commercial filming or photography requests for May - October in Historic Downtown or ‘Sconset Historic District must be received by May 1st.