Feral Cats

Nantucket is home to many feral and stray cats. Local non-profit, CATTRAP’s mission is to lower Nantucket’s feral cat population through a humane trap, neuter, return, care, and education program. They provide sanctuary for cats with special needs and find caring homes for socialized cats and kittens.

To learn more about CATTRAP call 508-257-4333 cattrapnantucket@gmail.com
 If you see a feral cat and or have a concern regarding a lost animal please contact The Animal Control Officer 508-228-7246 or CATTRAP

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting is a popular Nantucket activity. As per the Massachusetts office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, deer hunting is allowed during archery, shotgun, and primitive firearms season. Areas open to the public for hunting on the island include both publicly- and privately-owned land. The deer check station will be open during shotgun season at the Nantucket Waste Water Management Facility at the end of South Shore Road. Hours will be limited during archery and primitive firearm seasons. During deer hunting season, it is important to stay alert at all times while walking in wooded areas and always wear brightly colored clothing or hunter orange.

  • To learn more about Deer Hunting on Nantucket visit the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’s Website.
  • For questions about hours and location of deer check station call 508-325-5333. 
  • If you are having difficulty getting a deer checked or have any questions regarding deer hunting please contact Massachusetts Environmental Police 1-800-632-8075.


Nantucket’s waters are home to large seal population. However, unlike whales or dolphins, seals are semi-aquatic and are comfortable out of water. Most seals come onto beaches to sleep, nurse or soak up the sun.

If you see a seal on the beach:

  • Watch quietly from at least 150 feet away
  • Keep dogs away from the seal
  • Do not offer the seal food or water
  • Do not cover the seal with a towel or blanket
  • Do not try to make the seal move

If you spot a seal that looks in distress call The Animal Control Officer at 508-228-7246.