Bike Paths

Follow these tips and have fun safely while biking Nantucket's more than 35 miles of bike path!

All of these paths are separate from adjacent roads and allow you to see most of the island.

  • If you are driving downtown, drive on the street. It is forbidden for bikers to ride on the sidewalk. 
  • Always follow traffic flow! Do not ride on the wrong side.
  • When you are on a bike path, ride slowly. Most of Nantucket's paths are multi-use paths and are shared by riders and pedestrians alike.
  • If you are biking at night, remember to have a light on at the front and bike reflectors on the rear.
  • It is obligatory for any person 12 years or older to use a helmet while riding a bike. Nonetheless, everybody should wear a helmet!
  • Stay alert! Do not use headphones.
  • Always stop at the Stop signs.

For more information on Biking on Nantucket Regulations, click HERE.

Bike Path Map

Bike paths on Nantucket include:

Cliff Road Path – From Cliff Beach to Madaket Road

Eel Point Road Path – Along Eel Point Road out toward Dionis Beach

Fairgrounds Road Bike Path – From Old South Road to Surfside Road

Nobadeer Farm Road Path – Along Nobadeer to Old South road

Madaket Road Path – This path starts at the Caton Circle and goes out Madaket Road 5.7 miles to Madaket Beach.

Milestone Road Path – A nice long path from the rotary out to Sconset Beach. This path is 6.8 miles in length.

Polpis Road Path – Start at the Rotary and head along Polpis Road to Sconset beach for a 9.5 mile ride

Surfside Road Path – This 2.2 mile long path goes from the high school to Surfside Beach.

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