What is a COVID-19 Officer?

Emergency Order No. 6 requires the designation of one or more individuals of the company doing the landscape work to be COVID-19 Officer(s). They are responsible for ensuring that all of the company’s employees are following the required safety protocols in Emergency Order No. 6. Please see LINK for the necessary form that must be completed and returned to the Town’s Natural Resources Department for the designation of the Officer(s).


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1. What is the maximum number of landscapers that can be on a site?
2. What is a COVID-19 Officer?
3. What landscaping activity is allowed by this Order beginning April 21?
4. What landscaping activity is allowed by this Order beginning April 28?
5. Can I install a stone patio, pool or other landscaping/hardscaping under this Order?
6. Can I plant window boxes for commercial businesses?
7. I live with and/or am related to one or more of my co-workers, can we ride in the same vehicle to get to work?
8. How does the State Stay-at-Home Order, which indicates that fieldwork is allowable as long as workers stay 6' apart from each other, differ from Board of Health Emergency Order No. 6?
9. Are people who work in a landscape company’s office allowed to go to those offices and work?
10. How will I get to work if I do not have access to a vehicle to use?
11. Can a construction project and a landscaping project both occur on the same property, at the same time?
12. If I am a landscape worker going back to work and I need childcare for my child/ren, are childcare facilities open?
13. If I am not supposed to leave the site where I am working, how will I get to a bathroom if needed?
14. If an employee is afraid to return to work during the COVID-19 crisis for reasonable concerns, is he or she eligible for unemployment?
15. Are cleaning services allowed?
16. Are non-essential businesses allowed to open?