Are political and non-commercial signs allowed?

A political sign is a temporary sign used to advertise candidates for public office or to address public concerns. The HDC encourages political signs to conform to all relevant stated guidelines. The HDC recommends political candidate signs be removed immediately following an election, however signage must be limited to 30 days.

A Non-Commercial sign is generally used to express concerns and political points of view. The HDC encourages non-commercial signs to conform to all relevant stated guidelines.

On occasion non-commercial yard signs gather in visible public spaces throughout the island and on private property. Sometimes the Town is asked to remove these signs however the "simple" answer is that such signs are considered an extension of free speech and are allowed in the public way and on private property. The Town has been advised that the power of the Town to regulate speech in a public way is limited. Due to a 2015 Supreme Court case (Reed v. Gilbert, AZ), a municipality may no longer regulate non-commercial signs based on the content of the message. Public streets and sidewalks are generally recognized as public forums. They are generally considered to be publicly owned areas where individuals have the right to traverse, speak freely, protest and assemble.

No sign shall be installed in a manner or location that obstructs a public way or causes any relevant safety concerns.

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