Why is this project necessary?

Coastal flooding and erosion are as old as the island itself. These forces have shaped the island into the familiar form we see today. This constant and progressive shaping of land by water is now causing problems that are being quickened by sea level rise. This is threatening our island’s infrastructure as well as built and natural environments, from roads and docks to private property and the shape of our beaches. We cannot maintain the island in perpetuity, but we can take steps to reduce to the impact of these risks and to improve the resilience of our community over time.

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1. How can I get involved?
2. What are the coastal flood and erosion hazards Nantucket faces?
3. How is climate change exacerbating these hazards?
4. Why is this project necessary?
5. What else has the Town been doing to address these hazards?
6. What are the expected outcomes of the CRP?