What are the expected outcomes of the CRP?

The CRP will result in a final report including an implementation roadmap. The planning process will result in the following:

  • Community engagement
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability study
  • Designs for coastal resilience infrastructure
  • A resiliency projects implantation matrix
  • Project necessity assessment for each proposed project
  • Project costings for each proposed project (approx.)
  • Longevity expectancy of each infrastructure project
  • Toolkit for private property owners
  • Recommend bylaw changes, policy changes and guidelines for future town development with respect to wetland management and Sea Level Rise

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1. How can I get involved?
2. What are the coastal flood and erosion hazards Nantucket faces?
3. How is climate change exacerbating these hazards?
4. Why is this project necessary?
5. What else has the Town been doing to address these hazards?
6. What are the expected outcomes of the CRP?