What is the proposed scope and scale of the project?

The proposed solar project at 1 Milestone Road is sized at 3.8MW DC, and will consist of two solar subarrays.  The southernmost sub-array #1, adjacent to Old South Road, will be comprised of 5130 solar panels. The northernmost sub-array (#2), located adjacent to Milestone Road, will be comprised of 3615 solar panels. Each Maxeon solar panel is rated at 435watt, and considered to be amongst the highest-performing and efficient available.

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1. How was the project awarded?
2. Who will own the project?
3. What is the proposed scope and scale of the project?
4. What clean energy benefits will the project provide?
5. What economic benefits does the project provide?
6. Is solar a permissible use on water company land held for water supply purposes?
7. How much land will need to be clear cut to accommodate this project and how will the clearing be conducted and managed?
8. Does this project impact any endangered species?
9. What approvals does the developer require before constructing the project?
10. Will the project impact the island’s aquifer/water supply?
11. Does the project pose a toxicity risk to the public water supply (i.e. PFAS/Gen-x)?
12. What happens to the project components after the 25-year project term?