What clean energy benefits will the project provide?

Over the solar project’s 25-year lifetime, the system is expected to produce 122 million kWh in clean energy and will offset 86,411 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change and elevated sea levels on the island.  

Additionally, the locally-produced solar power will improve local grid reliability and resiliency, reduce the island’s dependance on imported power from the mainland including from “dirty” power plants located in disadvantaged communities, and will help to mitigate the need for a costly third-undersea-transmission cable by significantly reducing the island’s summer peak load

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1. How was the project awarded?
2. Who will own the project?
3. What is the proposed scope and scale of the project?
4. What clean energy benefits will the project provide?
5. What economic benefits does the project provide?
6. Is solar a permissible use on water company land held for water supply purposes?
7. How much land will need to be clear cut to accommodate this project and how will the clearing be conducted and managed?
8. Does this project impact any endangered species?
9. What approvals does the developer require before constructing the project?
10. Will the project impact the island’s aquifer/water supply?
11. Does the project pose a toxicity risk to the public water supply (i.e. PFAS/Gen-x)?
12. What happens to the project components after the 25-year project term?