Will the project impact the island’s aquifer/water supply?

The proposed project is being developed in accordance with guidance published by MassDEP for the development of renewable energy projects on lands held for public water supply purposes. To secure the required MassDEP approval for the project, Wannacomet Water will need to sign a certification stating the project “will have no significant adverse impact on its present and future ability to provide continuous adequate service to consumers under routine and emergency operating conditions, including emergencies concerning the contamination of sources of supply, failure of the distribution system and shortage of supply…[and] that the solar energy project will have no significant adverse impact on water quality and that the energy generated by the facility will be used to benefit, either by direct consumption or by other means, the operation of the public water system.” 

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1. How was the project awarded?
2. Who will own the project?
3. What is the proposed scope and scale of the project?
4. What clean energy benefits will the project provide?
5. What economic benefits does the project provide?
6. Is solar a permissible use on water company land held for water supply purposes?
7. How much land will need to be clear cut to accommodate this project and how will the clearing be conducted and managed?
8. Does this project impact any endangered species?
9. What approvals does the developer require before constructing the project?
10. Will the project impact the island’s aquifer/water supply?
11. Does the project pose a toxicity risk to the public water supply (i.e. PFAS/Gen-x)?
12. What happens to the project components after the 25-year project term?